The main expected results were direct consequences of the intellectual outputs and the LTT activity. Also, the majority of the results were tangible (such as the
deliverables from the IO), but others are intangible (the ones we don’t see as products or content but are important achievements that must not be forgotten, such as skills, knowledge and behaviours).

Therefore, during the project lifespan we shared good practices among partners based on our expertise and our findings during the activities in order to actually develop innovation.

That innovation and innovative elements already presented encompassed the development of resources and activities designed for and with VET learners target group.

By having a complementary partnership, various and different associated partners as well as the input of the participants and stakeholders, we aimed to achieve better results and can have a higher level of transferability (leading to a better exploitation and sustainability of our project and project results).

e-WOMEN IN ICT Meetings

tangible results

Regarding the expected tangible results, we had:

  • A Research report regarding two topics (Intellectual Output 1):
    • i) ICT and entrepreneurship access conditions for young women in each region and Country;  EN – PT DEES
    • ii) report on good practices on methodology  and didactics of ICT skills and entrepreneurship in each participant region and Country.- EN – PT – DEES
  • An on-line educational toolbox that provides the ICT technical skills necessary to develop and implement a digital based business (MOOC); (Intellectual Output 2). – Courses
  • An innovative online platform for delivering online courses such as the one developed in IO 2 (adaptable to other online courses and to each organisation needs); (Intellectual Output 3) – Platform
  • A Handbook that constitutes Pedagogical guidelines, Assessment, Validation and recognition tools to the course on ICT technical skills and entrepreneurship skills to start a digital based business (in coherence with the online educational toolbox created in the Output 2 and the good practices gathered in the Output 1); (Intellectual Output 4)
    • Handbook – ENPTDEES
    • Guide for learning platform Appendix.
  • A pedagogical model on how to develop online (or b learning) courses; (Intellectual Output 5) – ENPTDEES
  • A set of research studies, surveys and scientific papers regarding the research results of the Outputs, the LTT activity and the project achievements;
  • Meeting reports in each transnational meeting;
  • Reports and Proceedings of the Multiplier Events.

intangible results

Regarding some of the intangible results we’ll hope to have with this project are:

  • Greater knowledge on the context of women in ICT and Entrepreneurship in different countries/regions in Europe;
  • Better understanding on the needs of women and what motivates them toward learning in these areas (using both formal and non-formal methodologies);
  • New competences and perspectives for women, educators and researchers;
  • Higher training skills (pedagogical, methodological, professional and technological) of the educators and women;
  • Increasing expertise on the subject by both the participants and the organisations of the Consortium;
  • Increasing the awareness of the Digital Gender Gap in society and among Policy makers.

These results have the purpose to solve the identified EU (and partnership) problem, by giving the VET women (as well as the educators and VET Providers) the tools, the competences and the awareness to improve their professional and social inclusion, and ultimately their life quality, especially in special conditions as the one we are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic (and similar).