Multiplier Event in Barcelona

This Multiplier event occurred on the 22nd of February in Centre d’Estudis Politècnics, Barcelona, Spain.

Leading Organisation:

Centre d'Estudis Politècnics

Multiplier Event 2

E-Women in ICT national Conference 2023

This report is the result of second multiplier event “Entrepreneurial Women in ICT” in Barcelona, which occurred on February 2022.

“Entrepreneurial Women In ICT – Enhancing Skills to Bridge Digital Divide” Erasmus + Project of Portugal and the project “Entrepreneurial Women In ICT – Enhancing Skills to Bridge Digital Divide” aim to minimise the gap between men and women in ICT, as well as to improve entrepreneurial thinking and the skills and opportunities necessary to do so. Spain is usually characterised by high unemployment rates. In particular, the economic crises of recent years have left young people and adults with a lack of ICT skills. Portugal also has very high unemployment despite improvements in recent years. In terms of the gender employment gap in Europe, Portugal and Germany are below the EU average, while Spain is above and it shows a larger gender gap (Eurostat, 2018). Furthermore, women’s working conditions are significantly worse than men’s. (OECD, 2017)

Our national event in Spain disseminated various Intellectual Outputs and the feedback from participants was great!