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This is a multidevice learning platform for delivering online courses developed under the Entrepreneurial Women in ICT Erasmus+ KA226 Project. 

You can access free courses related to ICT and Entrepreneurism, if you have your own courses that you think fits this project, please contact us.


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About Course

In this course you’ll learn the basics of photography and editing. In the first week you’ll learn about the history of photography, cameras and their basic elements and a comparison between digital and analog photography. In the second week you’ll learn about photo editing using a popular software called Adobe Lightroom.

This content is presented by Frederico Azevedo who is finishing is Multimedia Engineering degree at ISTEC (and coordinated by Paulo Duarte Branco).  He holds a EQF Level 5, ISCED 554 on Development of Multimedia Products and is a full-time Instructional Designer for a multinational tech company.

What Will You Learn?

  • To photograph
  • To choose a camera
  • To choose different file types
  • To frame your elements in a picture
  • To edit photographs in Adobe Lightroom

Course Content

Week 1

  • History of photography
  • Type of cameras
  • Basic elements of a camera
  • Types of files
  • Film vs Digital
  • How analog cameras work
  • How digital cameras work
  • The rules for a good photography
  • Assignments

Week 2

Final Exam (quiz)