About Us

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The Entrepreneurial Women In ICT – Enhancing Skills to Bridge Digital Divide was an Erasmus+ project with the duration of 24 months that aimed to minimize the gap between men and women regarding ICT and entrepreneurial competences and opportunities.

Target Groups

The target group of our project is mainly women (VET learners) with or without ICT and entrepreneurial skills that want to (re)gain competences in these areas.

But the beneficiaries go beyond the target group itself and include the enterprises, educators, researchers, labour market, VET providers, and the civil society.

We involved directly in the activities of the project over 400 participants from the mentioned groups.

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E-Women In ICT project will use formal and non-formal methodologies, in order to develop various intellectual outputs (e.g. women access conditions framework, online educational toolbox, innovative online multidevice platform, Pedagogical, Assessment, Validation and recognition tools as well as a pedagogical model for online learning) and related activities (such as a blended mobility of vet women learners).

In sum the project aims to:

To increase

The knowledge on women labour conditions/opportunities in ICT and entrepreneurism.

To develop

Innovative materials to assist educators.

To Enhance

The ICT and entrepreneurial skills of women.

To increase

Awareness of the gender digital and labour gaps.

To influence

Policy makers in order to bridge the digital divide between genders.

to disseminate

Results, promote impact and to keep the results sustainable after the lifespan of the project.

Our partners

The gap between women and men in access and working conditions is still large. In the specific case of information and communication technologies and entrepreneurship, it is all too evident.In this sense, five institutions have decided to work on an Erasmus+ KA226 project to address this issue.